Wednesday, 25 January 2017

First game of Sharp Practice 2

 Back in the summer I played the 'new' TooFatLardies Sharp Practice 2.

Now, I'm a big fan of Sharpe and have read all the Cornwell books since I was a lad and my dad introduced me to a Readers Digest condensed version of Sharpes Eagle, which is still my favourite story.

I wasn't too much in love with the TV versions in the 90's but I watched all of them and was happy that somebody had made them.  The books always described large battles but on the TV budgetary constraints meant we had to make do with the same number of confused Ukrainian extras running around in circles with a smoke machine in the background. 

I had given up on collecting my own Napoleonic force but Song of Drums and Shakos gave me enough impetus to get started.  Victrix had had a sale and me and a friend picked up and shared a box each of their flank and centre companies and I added a box of French for myself.

A few months later I added a box of Perry Light Dragoons and some Rifles and they were ready for when SP2 came out.

More images can be found on at where Björn has added a commentary.

We enjoyed the game a lot and have had a couple more rounds where we have grappled with the fine points of the game.  The randomness of the cards when deploying has been a thorn in my side and others have commentated on their disatisfaction with diced movement but neither of these have prevented us from giving up on it, and frankly, I haven't yet read of a game which plays this period better.

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