Friday, 27 January 2017

For a few Shakos more...

 Just a few pics of my British and my growing French force.



A few Rifles next to a scratch built barn...

Lt. receiving his marching orders...

An added bit of ooomph...

Grenadiers... (these were my favourite to paint)

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

First game of Sharp Practice 2

 Back in the summer I played the 'new' TooFatLardies Sharp Practice 2.

Now, I'm a big fan of Sharpe and have read all the Cornwell books since I was a lad and my dad introduced me to a Readers Digest condensed version of Sharpes Eagle, which is still my favourite story.

I wasn't too much in love with the TV versions in the 90's but I watched all of them and was happy that somebody had made them.  The books always described large battles but on the TV budgetary constraints meant we had to make do with the same number of confused Ukrainian extras running around in circles with a smoke machine in the background. 

I had given up on collecting my own Napoleonic force but Song of Drums and Shakos gave me enough impetus to get started.  Victrix had had a sale and me and a friend picked up and shared a box each of their flank and centre companies and I added a box of French for myself.

A few months later I added a box of Perry Light Dragoons and some Rifles and they were ready for when SP2 came out.

More images can be found on at where Björn has added a commentary.

We enjoyed the game a lot and have had a couple more rounds where we have grappled with the fine points of the game.  The randomness of the cards when deploying has been a thorn in my side and others have commentated on their disatisfaction with diced movement but neither of these have prevented us from giving up on it, and frankly, I haven't yet read of a game which plays this period better.

Monday, 23 January 2017

As I was saying....

Well that was a little longer hiatus than I intended.

After a motivated start to blogging in the earlier part of the year, during the summer the urge kinda left.

This doesn't mean that I've been inactive, as actually 2016 was a pretty busy year in gaming, painting and model building.  The big surprise was an awakened interest in Epic after I dug out my old Space Marine set and finally painted an Imperial Guard army.

I also bought a few miniatures from which are a pretty decent proxy for Space Marines.

To support my IG Vanguard also supplied me with a few proxy Big Tanks and 'not Valkyries'  - lovely models and fun to paint.  Sadly no photos.

Despite having the mini's I'd never really played a game of Epic until this summer - we used NetEpic, I think, which was very simple to pick up and there is some talk (there's always talk) of some sort of campaign between my forces of the Emperor and Phil's Orks.

To prepare for this, and because original models are difficult to come by, I scratch built this Thunderhawk to use as support.  I tried to use somewhere near the correct scale as I wanted it to be more than a representative piece.  It still needs a lick of paint.

Another project was this simple Epic scale adobe village made from offcuts of foam, covered in filler and white glue and painted with a few simple motifs and patterns.  I have a few 40k bitz that i'm going to add to make it into some kind of primitive technology used by the inhabitants - think Tattooine.

My original Space Marine box has more Rhinos than I need for my force so I had a go at scratch building a Vindicator from a bit of plastic rod and plasticard - not bad I think.

Epic has gone off the boil in recents months but the good thing is that I now have all I need when we pick it up again and can go straight into it.  Assuming other projects don't get in the way.......

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Hercules and some Argonauts

The Inseläffchen is a big fan of Greek myth and so I picked up a pack of Wargames Foundry Argonauts at the last Hamburg Tactica.

Painting these was a joy and the sculpts are lovely.  There are many more packs in this range, featuring monsters as well as other heroes and I can well imagine buying some more come next February.

I also bought a pack of 3 Medusa (Medusi?) and they are also now painted and just waiting to be based.

The plan is to come up with some simple rules to use them in a Heroquest type Dungeon crawl and later for Songs of Blades and Heroes. 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Scatter Terrain

When I can grab a few hours hobby time but don't feel like painting figures I usually take the opportunity to knock up some small peices of terrain which I can dress the table with.  They usually serve no purpose other than to decorate and add a touch of flavour. 

Formally, when I didn't know any better I would just throw down some random buildings and unrealistic trees but since I've started reading the many wonderful blogs and hobby magazines I have tried to set my sights a little higher.  There are loads of companies producing high quality resin or metal pieces but buying a lot them soon starts to eat up my budget and anyway it's a lot of fun.

The first piece is an outside loo - primarily intended for my Muskets and Tomahawks homestead but it could be used in later periods up to WW2, perhaps in the garden of a small French farmhouse.

Construction is just a cardboard structure covered in coffee stirrers with the edges trimmed.  

Next is a medieval cart.  The Escort scenario for Saga requires 3 pieces of baggage and although the models produced by Gripping Beast are great I wanted to make my own.  Using the same technique as the outside toilet but this time with balsa wood.  The animals are from Pegasus hobbies and include pigs, sheep and goats.

A chicken coop - same principle as the other pieces.  This also could serve in multiple periods.

A woodpile which wouldn't look out of place in a Saga, M&T, Napoleonic or WW1/2 game.  The axe is from Bripping Beast, the log from the cherry tree in front of my house and the logs tiny pieces of basswood.

Long ago I got some Games Workshop terrain from a friend and since picking up some WW2 figures I decided to take another look at them.  The idea is that a Norman church has been destroyed during the fighting and is now being defended by US airborne.

One thing I had to do was to shave off the ubiquitous skulls and other GW idiosyncracies!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Lion Rampant

One of my gaming resolutions this year was to try out some of the games that I've had for a while and hadn't played.  First came Muskets and Tomahawks just after Christmas and then Black Ops.

2 weeks ago we played our first Lion Rampant game - My Normans, consisting of 2 x Mounted Sergeants, 3 x Foot Sergeants and 1 x Crossbows versus a Saxon force.

The details are now a bit hazy but I remember it was a fun game, the rules were incredibly easy to pick up and very intuitive and gave a fun, and especially bloody game.

The rules place a lot of emphasis on units becoming 'Battered' and running away which is exactly what happened to both armies.  In the end it became a duel between two shooting units which my army lost.

We will return to LionRampant in future weeks and there is some talk of branching out into the fantasy variant - Dragon Rampant, using my growing GW Empire army.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sharp Practice v.2

TooFatLardies recently released a new version of their very successful Sharp Practice which seems to be taking the historical wargaming scene by storm and I took the plunge and shelled out for one of their bundles which comes with a PDF, a hard copy of the rules and a pack of the playing cards.

 I bought some Victrix and Perry minis last year and painted up enough for a Song of Drums and Shakos force but knowing myself I had enough for the inevitable upscaling to a larger skirmish/smaller battle.

I dont know anybody local who plays any Lardies rules - which is a shame and perhaps a reason to Spread the 'Schmalz'.