Monday, 23 January 2017

As I was saying....

Well that was a little longer hiatus than I intended.

After a motivated start to blogging in the earlier part of the year, during the summer the urge kinda left.

This doesn't mean that I've been inactive, as actually 2016 was a pretty busy year in gaming, painting and model building.  The big surprise was an awakened interest in Epic after I dug out my old Space Marine set and finally painted an Imperial Guard army.

I also bought a few miniatures from which are a pretty decent proxy for Space Marines.

To support my IG Vanguard also supplied me with a few proxy Big Tanks and 'not Valkyries'  - lovely models and fun to paint.  Sadly no photos.

Despite having the mini's I'd never really played a game of Epic until this summer - we used NetEpic, I think, which was very simple to pick up and there is some talk (there's always talk) of some sort of campaign between my forces of the Emperor and Phil's Orks.

To prepare for this, and because original models are difficult to come by, I scratch built this Thunderhawk to use as support.  I tried to use somewhere near the correct scale as I wanted it to be more than a representative piece.  It still needs a lick of paint.

Another project was this simple Epic scale adobe village made from offcuts of foam, covered in filler and white glue and painted with a few simple motifs and patterns.  I have a few 40k bitz that i'm going to add to make it into some kind of primitive technology used by the inhabitants - think Tattooine.

My original Space Marine box has more Rhinos than I need for my force so I had a go at scratch building a Vindicator from a bit of plastic rod and plasticard - not bad I think.

Epic has gone off the boil in recents months but the good thing is that I now have all I need when we pick it up again and can go straight into it.  Assuming other projects don't get in the way.......

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