Sunday, 3 July 2016

Scatter Terrain

When I can grab a few hours hobby time but don't feel like painting figures I usually take the opportunity to knock up some small peices of terrain which I can dress the table with.  They usually serve no purpose other than to decorate and add a touch of flavour. 

Formally, when I didn't know any better I would just throw down some random buildings and unrealistic trees but since I've started reading the many wonderful blogs and hobby magazines I have tried to set my sights a little higher.  There are loads of companies producing high quality resin or metal pieces but buying a lot them soon starts to eat up my budget and anyway it's a lot of fun.

The first piece is an outside loo - primarily intended for my Muskets and Tomahawks homestead but it could be used in later periods up to WW2, perhaps in the garden of a small French farmhouse.

Construction is just a cardboard structure covered in coffee stirrers with the edges trimmed.  

Next is a medieval cart.  The Escort scenario for Saga requires 3 pieces of baggage and although the models produced by Gripping Beast are great I wanted to make my own.  Using the same technique as the outside toilet but this time with balsa wood.  The animals are from Pegasus hobbies and include pigs, sheep and goats.

A chicken coop - same principle as the other pieces.  This also could serve in multiple periods.

A woodpile which wouldn't look out of place in a Saga, M&T, Napoleonic or WW1/2 game.  The axe is from Bripping Beast, the log from the cherry tree in front of my house and the logs tiny pieces of basswood.

Long ago I got some Games Workshop terrain from a friend and since picking up some WW2 figures I decided to take another look at them.  The idea is that a Norman church has been destroyed during the fighting and is now being defended by US airborne.

One thing I had to do was to shave off the ubiquitous skulls and other GW idiosyncracies!

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