Saturday, 7 May 2016

Lion Rampant

One of my gaming resolutions this year was to try out some of the games that I've had for a while and hadn't played.  First came Muskets and Tomahawks just after Christmas and then Black Ops.

2 weeks ago we played our first Lion Rampant game - My Normans, consisting of 2 x Mounted Sergeants, 3 x Foot Sergeants and 1 x Crossbows versus a Saxon force.

The details are now a bit hazy but I remember it was a fun game, the rules were incredibly easy to pick up and very intuitive and gave a fun, and especially bloody game.

The rules place a lot of emphasis on units becoming 'Battered' and running away which is exactly what happened to both armies.  In the end it became a duel between two shooting units which my army lost.

We will return to LionRampant in future weeks and there is some talk of branching out into the fantasy variant - Dragon Rampant, using my growing GW Empire army.

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