Sunday, 10 January 2016

2016 Painting and Gaming Targets

Is there a point to setting and putting down my targets for 2016?  I think it would be a good idea to bring some discipline into my hobby so here goes.

The blog - to write batreps and aar's for all games.
              - to produce at least one terrain 'how I did it' rather than a tutorial.

Painting - Overall to reduce the lead/plastic pile by painting...
             - the Victrix British and Perry Light Dragoons for Song of Drums and Shakos
             - the Averland army
             - the 1/72 modern Special forces and Militia for Black Ops at least
             - the Heroquest monsters
             - the last details on existing models (I seem to move on far too quickly to new projects)
             - keeping my painting desk tidier!

Terrain - to make a few generic pieces for WW2 or Napoleonics and perhaps some printed cardboard for modern
              - finish off the Woodland scenics trees plus acquire some pine trees and base them

Gaming -  to continue gaming every 2 or 3 weeks
             - to try out a few of the unused rulesets that I have models for, especially Lion Rampant a bit more Muskets and Tomahawks and something from the TwoFatLardies
             - No new periods!

Buying - to limit miniature purchases.  Hamburg Tactica is in a few weeks and I'd like to keep my expenditure restricted to a few Perry Nap's, perhaps a US airborne AT gun and some scenery supplies.

Wish me luck!

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