Wednesday, 4 November 2015

First Post!


After many months of umming and ahhhing, a few days of fiddling around with blogger and a couple of hours of pondering, here it is - my first post.

A brief introduction.  I'm going by the name Inselaffe, this is a German expression referring typically to the English and means Island Monkey.  I'm using this alias as I am an Englishman in Hamburg.

A few years after arriving I hooked up with a 40k group as a means of getting to know people but to be honest my heart isn't in the game and a few years after that I started playing historical wargames.

My collection includes

Anglo Danish and Norman factions for Saga

British and French war parties for Muskets and Tomahawks

1914 British and Army of British India in Tropical uniforms

German and American Paratroopers for WW2

Ongoing projects include terrain building and Napoleonics and inexplicably, a small Empire army for Warhammer Fantasy.

Most blogs are really about the eye candy so i'll put up a few pictures soon and a brief game report for a Saga campaign we started last week down at the games store.

Until then...

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